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Slogging through SEO

I have spent the last week hacking my way through the Search Engine Jungle trying to sort through the overwhelming amount of advice and drivel connected with improving website rankings.

The game has changed folks. No longer can you slap a few keywords in the header and hope for the best. Nowadays, you need more than content- you need exposure! Get on the social networking bandwagon and join some groups- facebook, linkedin (my current favorite) yahoo directory, zoominfo to name a few. The more the better. These create opportunities to receive “inbound links” to your site.

There seems to be a huge industry that has sprung up almost overnight populated with fiery young hotshots jostling to sell you advice on the social networking phenom. To those of us with real lives however, so much of this Twitter sounds like Twaddle. What’s really useful is an updated view of the web. Take what’s really working and don’t exhaust yourself with fads. It’s just good old-fashioned back-scratching with a new method. More to come.

PS: The following image has absolutely nothing to do with SEO, Web 2.0 or inbound marketing. Enjoy


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