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An easy way to copy images from your computer screen

Would you like a faster way to copy/paste images from your computer into your graphics projects in Photoshop or Illustrator? Instead of the tedium of copying the jpg, pasting it into a photo editor, saving it somewhere (usually cluttering up your desktop) and then copy/pasting it or placing it in your file add nauseum, you can copy the image right off your computer screen and paste it. Here’s how:

Get the Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter software (I recommend this site because they do not require sign-up or or an email address to get the program.).
ScreenHunter is a free download.Save the program to your desktop (if you have room!) and install it.
When you open the program you will get this screen:
Screen Hunter main window
In the settings you should specify a hot-key (I use the default F6). Check the box “mouse pointer”. Choose “rectangular area”.
Select “Stand By” from the top right buttons.

Now you can go to your image in an active window in any program: Internet, PDF, your photo viewer, an email, Word, whatever, and when you press F6 your mouse will become a cursor and you can click-drag to select the image. It is now saved to your clipboard and where you paste it is up to you.

This tool is invaluable for quick screen capture. Forget plain old “print screen”. Now you can zoom an area and capture just the image you want.

I use Screen Hunter when building a PSD with layers. I copy images right out of Illusrtator or the web and paste them into Photoshop. That’s how I constructed the montage in my slideshow. For business applications it is the best way to copy screenshots into Word, emails and even PowerPoint presentations.See the download site for more info.

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