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This is your brain on PHP

This is your brain on PHP

I have just changed the theme on my blog. I found, as so many fellow bloggers and developers have found to their dismay, that the old one had none of the features I required. I am currently running a fairly popular free theme. In the mean time I will continue searching for a great theme that allows design and function flexibility.

I have run across a theme called Thesis. Like anything worth having it is not free. A single user option is $87. If you want to get a multiple use developer license, it’s $167. Looking at the gallery of sites and the variety of designs the users have developed, I have to admit I got rather inspired.

The idea of having control over columns and fonts outside of the PHP code was exciting to me. Even though I’m rather OC, and sometimes enjoy the process of trial and error that is customizing the appearance of a blog, it’s easy to get lost. Before I know it, I’ve  screwed up, it’s 2 am and the blog is jumping all over the screen.

Thesis promises a relatively PHP-free environment: a happy world where birds sing, water turns to wine and your making award-winning sites with the touch of a button. It adds controls to the Dashboard for layout and text formatting, which I think is totally bitchen.

Perhaps my dream of creating a fully functioning blog that matches a website design is attainable.