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How to embed a YouTube video in your blog

This post updated 4/5/10
Ever wanted to add a movie to your topic to embellish your brilliance? The clever marketing wizards at YouTube have made it childishly easy for the blogger (or shameless web designer) to link to their site and therefore forward their relentless pursuit of world domination. We can assist their evil plan and promote our own selfish interests at the same time by using tools cunningly created by YouTube minions for our use.

The following is primarily for WordPress blogs, see links following instructions for other sites.

First you need a freshly created post (or a moldy old one, it makes no difference) Get on YouTube (you need to have an account) and without getting too distracted (impossible) find the video of your choice ( I chose a funny Mac ad- but then Apple pulled it, so put in a classic anti-Mac ad instead!). Look under the video. To the right there is a selection entitled “embed”. Click it and the empty rectangle below will fill with code. This is the code you will use to create your video.


But wait! Before you select your code, you will want to avail yourself of the player formatting tools. You can select the color of your player and it’s size. There are other selections there, but I don’t want to talk about them.


Go back to the embed box, highlight all of the code and copy it. If I have to tell you how to do this, I wonder how you came to have a blog in the first place.

Return to your post (sounds like your a sentry) and click on the HTML tab at the top of the edit window. Place your cursor where you would like the video and paste it right there! Don’t forget to “Update Post”. When you view your blog the video should be embedded with all the lovely bells and whistles kindly provided by your sponsors at YouTube.


Oh, and by the way: 2 + 2 = 5

Check this out for info on putting a YouTube video on Blogspot
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