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List your categories as links and put them in a page

I recently created a website/blog with an extensive listing of members & services. All of the companies had a post-listing that could be accessed under a main category with multiple sub-categories. This was pretty good, but the “listees” wanted a full listing of links on a page that could be clicked to go directly to their post-page. I tried quite a few different plugins and researched changes to the categories.php (scary!): I definitely did not want to go rooting around in there.

Finally I came across the plugin complete-by-alphabetically-ordered-categories. This plugin is controlled by a simple tag you can put in the page [jwcatpostlist] and depending on the type of sort you specify (see the plugin page) you can create links alphabetically, by post ID, ascending, descending etc. Within seconds I had a full list of over 130 links! You can see it in action at

This is a great example of utilizing the power of the WordPress engine to provide functionality that would have taken hours to create in the days of static web design.

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