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The advantages of a blog | web design, Santa Rosa, Petaluma

web design in Petaluma, Santa RosaI have recently updated my entire website to a blog. Why? Well, the reasons are numerous, but the main motivation came from my frustrations with the interface of HTML. Over the years I have developed considerable skill with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I’m glad to have gained the knowledge, but let’s face it- the difference between creating a site from scratch with code or even a WSYWG system like Dreamweaver and developing one with a good WordPress theme is like comparing a typewriter to a computer.

5 good reasons to have a blog as a website:

1.    The number one advantage of a blog is its accessibility. Today, business owners need a site that can be updated from anywhere, anytime. A blog is by it’s very nature is a CMS (content management system). With WordPress 3.0, they can log on, write articles, add and delete pages and upload images anytime. There are multiple plugins that provide usability like shopping carts, registration forms, slideshows and portfolios. Why go anywhere else?
2.    A blog automatically updates all the links on your site if you decide to add or delete a section or page. With a static site, this requires re-organizing menus and links and hoping your Find & Replace tool didn’t miss a link because it had a slightly different syntax. Broken links are an embarrassing oversight and may not turn up until some random person points them out months later.
3.    Posting to a blog and its pages is easy and does not require knowledge of HTML. Images and links are as easy to add as on a Facebook page.
4.    Theme designers are getting better all the time. Many of the better ones provide excellent support when you buy the theme. I had a great experience with Jason Bobich at Themeforest. I purchased 2 themes from him that were totally cutting edge, including the one for this site.
5.    Search engines love blogs because they provide regularly updated material. That is what a search engine is for! Even if the blog has a static home page, the blog feed can be read in a ticker on that page and the text widgets can be refreshed with new content and images.

A blog is not for every client. Some people do not write. They just want a “presence” on the web and only need to put up relatively unchanging content. For these people the static site is well suited. But if flexibility and access for new content is a requirement, a blog is the perfect, and affordable solution.
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