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First off…

Hi I’m Julia Roh, creator of After9Design. This is the begining of the after9design weblog. Soon to follow: images, website developement, artwork, photos, illustrations and thoughts.


  • I promise, promise not to be boring!
  • I promise to have lot’s of pictures.
  • I can’t promise not to be shamelessly self promotional

My current projects are websites for Perfect Prime Music and FPCdrums. I am particularly pleased with the subtle use of Flash animation on both of them. Perfect Prime is a consortium of talented Bay Area musicians brough together for everyones listening pleasure by the lovely, charming and entrepreneurial Jeanette Isenberg. Perfect Primes site is designed to create a mood of fun, excitement and occasion.
The creative boys at Future Percussion Concepts are the brains behind the “slammin” KickPort drum insert, the innovative device that was the buzz of all the drummers, many of them stars of the industry, at the NAMM show this January.
It’s fun and inspirational to work with such talented people.